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OpSCADA - Operational SCADA - a Multi-Industry Remote Monitoring & SCADA Platform

SCADABit LLC Product

Operational SCADA, or 'OpSCADA' is our proprietary remote monitoring & control platform built specifically for industrial operators. Whether you need SCADA, Alarm Callouts, or Reporting, OpSCADA has been purpose-built to provide an easy-to-use platform for any industry. Learn more about our web-based SCADA Platform with the latest Industry 4.0 Technology including MQTT Sparkplug B, Edge-level Polling Drivers, and Serverless computing.

OpSCADA Website

Modbuster - Modbus Simulator & Test Desktop Software

SCADABit LLC Product

Modbuster is a cross-platform (windows, linux, mac) Modbus Simulator software which can simulate and test any combination of Modbus Devices. Features include: Modbus Master/Slave/Snooper, RTU/ASCII/TCP/UDP, Raw & Parsed Communications Logging, Network Hunting/Mapping capabilities, Projects, Test Sequencing, Manual Packet Parsers, and more! One tool for every single Modbus Task.

Modbuster Website

Ignition Multi-Tenant Cloud-Hosted Oil & Gas SCADA System

Resource Automation & Electrical

Resource Automation & Electrical from Farmington, NM partnered with SCADABit in order to create an Azure Cloud-Hosted Ignition 7.9 SCADA System that would be expandable and manageable by Resource staff. Resource required a high-level of customization and rapid deployment capabilities as well as the need to handle a variety of different data types and UDTs.

Project Overview

CellBot - A Node-Red SMS-based SCADA Callout system for Oil & Gas Companies

Cowan Consulting Services

Cowan Consulting Services from Midland, TX needed a cost-effective and feature-rich alarm callout system for their clients which would allow them to easily onboard Pumpers, Technicians, and Operating Managers to control, monitor, and receive critical alerts for midstream well sites. SCADABit utilized a combination of Node-Red and AWS to communicate with site PLCs and deliver a flexible SMS-Based system that gave Authenticated users complete wellsite control entirely using any cell phone at a fraction of the cost of Traditional SCADA Callouts.

Project Overview

Custom ROClink Arduino I/O Card Driver Library

Petra Automation

Petra Automation from Norwich, KS wanted to prototype an Arduino in order to control facility doors, read sensors, and map I/O directly to an Emerson ROC800 without having to convert to a different protocol first. SCADABit designed an Arduino driver library that acted as a bi-directional ROClink poller, mapping Arduino Input States to some ROClink addresses for reading and some ROClink addresses to Arduino Output states for control through an Op table.

Project Overview