ModBuster is a cross-platform Modbus toolkit.

One tool – every task: Master/Slave/Snooper, RTU/ASCII/TCP.  All in one package!

What can we do for You?

SCADABit LLC is an Automation & SCADA Systems Integrator specializing in Industrial Protocol Toolkits & Modern Web/Ignition SCADA Systems.  We work at all levels of infrastructure, from instrumentation selection to cloud computing, to design the best possible SCADA System for your needs.


Industrial Protocol Toolkits

Try one of our feature-rich industrial protocol toolkits to improve your development or field operations.

Ignition SCADA System Design

Turn-key Ignition SCADA System Design for Industrial, Oil & Gas, Wastewater, and more.  No job is too large or too small!


Automation & Telemetry Services

PLC Programming, Control Panel Design, Field Instrumentation, Remote Communication, and Network System Design


Custom Software Development

Custom industrial software projects utilizing Javascript, Python, and modern front-end web technologies.

We look forward to hearing from you!