About Us


SCADABit LLC was founded in 2017 by William Wylie.  

Our mission is to provide innovative and modern Automation & SCADA System services for our clients. As the line between SCADA and Software Development continues to blur, your company requires a partner that can both understand and deliver on process requirements for the field operator all the way to the CEO.  The rapidly-accelerating Industrial Internet of Things and cost-effectiveness of Cloud Computing has forced managers to envision new ways of collecting, distributing, and managing large process data sets in real-time.

We here at SCADABit are as comfortable writing PLC ladder logic and designing a field RTU enclosure as we are developing a web application in JavaScript.  Our expertise includes Ignition SCADA, Amazon Web Services, Docker, Emerson ROC, ABB TotalFlow, Allen-Bradley, AutomationDirect, EZAutomation, Siemens, Panel Design, Field Controls Instrumentation/Termination, Wireless Network & Backhaul Design, Cellular/Satellite Telemetry, MySQL/SQL Server, Python, JavaScript, Vue.js, and much more!   For a complete list of services & line card, please see our Services section.

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